Huldre has returned to the forest

After 10 amazing years of forestclad stages and songs of death, love and bones, we have made the tough decision to part ways. Huldre has returned to the forest where it came from but maybe one day it will again desire to be wrapped in music and madness with us

We feel overwhelmed by all the amazing experiences we've had and filled with gratitude for the support and great energy we have received from people in the metal and folk scene, and not least of all, from YOU, dear fans!

It's been an adventure to present our take on folkmetal domestically as well as abroad, and we have experienced more than we dared dream of 10 years ago, when we stood in a rehearsal space with, quite literally, toads jumping around our feet and funghi growing out of the walls.


Farewell concert at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen 29. March 2019

Photo: Jacob Dinesen